2018 POP Conference
November 5–7, 2018
Providence, Rhode Island

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Michael G. Maxfield

Michael G. Maxfield, is Professor of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University, Newark. He is the author of articles and books on a variety of topics—victimization, policing, homicide, community corrections, and long-term consequences of child abuse and neglect. He is the coauthor (with Earl Babbie) of the textbook, Research Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology, now in its fifth edition, and coeditor of two volumes in the Crime Prevention Studies series: Understanding and Preventing Car Theft (with Ronald Clarke), and Surveying Crime in the 21st Century (with Mike Hough). Formerly a Visiting Fellow at the National Institute of Justice, Maxfield has worked with a variety of public agencies and other organizations acting as a consultant and advocate of frugal evaluation for justice policy. Recent projects collaborate with police departments and other justice agencies in the areas of repeat domestic violence, performance measurement systems, and auto theft. Professor Maxfield received his Ph.D. in political science from Northwestern University.

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E-mail: maxfield@rutgers.edu

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