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Goldstein Awards 1993

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Winner! Harbor Plaza

Santa Ana Police Department, Santa Ana, CA US – 10 Pages

Increases in the homeless population and crime threatened businesses and tax revenues in a commercial district. Police devised a plan to remove transients, criminals, and aggressive panhandlers from the area, reduce crime and disorder through environmental design, and educate employees and patrons in the district. Businesses reported increases in revenues and less crime and disorder.

Winner! Virgil/Burns Area

Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles, CA US – 4 Pages

The northwest section of the Rampart Division was experiencing increases in narcotic offenses, gang related activity, robberies, assaults, citizen complaints, and calls for service. Information obtained from citizens, police officers, and calls for service revealed that the increase in calls for service was attributable to five properties located in the area. The police contacted the owners of the properties and solicited their assistance in renovating, securing, or eliminating the properties, and several drug dealers were arrested. Calls for service decreased dramatically, as the majority of the transients and narcotics dealers inhabiting the properties left the area.