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2015 POP Conference
Oct 19-21, 2015 Portland, OR

Appendix: Websites Featuring Products Designed to Reduce the Risk of Theft in Cafés and Bars

Editors' Note: This list was compiled to offer examples to help readers implement ideas included in this guide. The appearance of this list is not to be construed as endorsement by the U.S. Department of Justice or the authors of this guide. This list is non-exhaustive; we encourage you to research other products and services that may be of use to you in theft prevention. All website URLs are accurate at the time of writing.

Bags BagMate by Hookit:
Chelsea Clip:
Prensus-Portable Hanging Device:
Purses Chatt Plus:
HangBag Company:
Handbag Hangers:
Hooky Handbag Hook:
Hot HangUps:
The Little Hooker:
Pretty Pink Toes:
Purse Angels-The Handbag Guardian:
so Hooked:

Pacsafe-Travel Security:
TamperSeal TSA-Approved Luggage Straps: